Burn Week 21.03 22

This is a fun challenge, a great opportunity to hit the studio and it is backed up by training science.

Why Burn Week?

Burn Week is a chance to take your fitness to the next level at a key moment in the year. For many riders, a routine has been established and regular rides are being done. After a period of time (which differs depending on the individual and how they adapt to training) your fitness will reach a plateau where any increase will be small. At this moment, it’s time to change things up.  By completing Burn Week in the right way you can come back with new PBs and a higher level of fitness.

The Science

A new or increased training stimulus is needed to send an adaption message to the body.  There are different ways to do this such as increase in volume (rides per week), intensity (increase the challenge of the ride or intensity distribution) or in this example ‘block periodisation’.

This method has been used for a long time in cycling to cause adaptions and fitness increases at key points in the year. The idea is to load a week with training and therefore create a large stimulus and signalling to the body that requires adaption (increase in fitness).  If you want to go deeper explore this article on HighNorth.

Get the most out of your ‘Burn Week’

Here are some tips and guidance that we can use to help our riders:

Approach the week fresh and well rested.

5 rides in 7 days allows for 2 rest days which can be used smartly. Such as 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off, 1 day on.

Avoid full effort. Finish each ride with energy left over. E.g. think 10-20% below your PB.

Make sure that nutrition is on point. Consider increasing food intake throughout the week and eating close to when the ride finishes to replenish glycogen stores (carbohydrate stored in the body) and start the rebuilding process. A post ride smoothie is perfect for this.

Stay hydrated throughout the week (even on rest days), drink little and often and make sure water is replaced during and after the ride itself.

Try to get as much good quality sleep as possible.

When Burn Week has finished make sure to recover properly taking at least 2 full days off.

Good luck!!