12th April – 16th May 2021

Ride Republic is open from Monday 12th April.

Book in for guided audio rides at Ride Republic.

Each audio session will include a full playlist and your favourite instructor guiding you through a challenging workout.

Book your session via the website, then simply arrive at the studio, choose your instructor and get on a bike. Bring your phone and a pair of headphones with you, ready to access our selection of rides via a QR code in the studio.

Each ride is £11 and 45 minutes.

As part of the ‘open gym’ format there will be:

– no burn board
– no instructor present
– no group start or finish

You will be working out next to other riders, but not in a coordinated group format.

Please remember phone + headphones + sweat towel + bottle for water.

This interim period is an opportunity to reconnect with our community and get you all – our lovely riders – back on a bike.

If you decide this is not for you, don’t worry we will be back with our normal burn rides from 17th May.



1. Book In

Book your time and seat via our website. Sessions are paid for individually and not using standard credits.

2. Arrival Times

You can arrive up to 15 minutes after the session start time.

3. What if there are no bikes free?

You will be given the option to join a waitlist when booking via the website.

4. How will I access the guided audio ride?

You will be given a QR code to scan on your phone at reception. You can select your favourite instructor and start your workout. Please remember your phone and headphones.

5. Health & Safety

Our health and safety processes will run as before with full temperature checks on arrival, masks to be worn in reception, hand sanitisers, distancing, etc. For our full measures please visit: ‘Riding Together Safely‘.

6. Cost of sessions

We are charging £11 per guided audio session. Normal pricing will return from 17th May 2021.

7. Showers & Changing Rooms

The showers and changing rooms are still not in use.

8. Music

The music is included within the audio ride that you select. Each instructor has created their own unique playlist to complement their instruction and ride.

9. Phone Screen Size

A visual screen is not required for the workout. The workout experience is via audio (music and voice), not visual instruction.

10. Survey Results – thank you!

Thank you to all of our riders that took our survey. 7 out of 10 responded positively to our opening on the 12th April under an ‘open’ format with guided audio rides. You are the reason we are opening our doors to you 5 weeks before group classes can restart. Let’s go!