Top hair tips for those who sweat

#thesweatlife If you are a regular rider then you know the sweat is real at RIDE. And did you ever wonder if it’s possible to have good hair and still go for it on the bike? Never fear as we have a resident hair specialist and avid rider in the house!

Below are the top tips from William, the co-owner of Williams & Rice hair salon located just off the Kings Road, who is also offering 25% off to all riders, just mention RIDE.

Sweat Level: Low (Core and Restore)

If you’re not sweating that much that your hairline gets wet, you probably can skip washing your hair that day. Instead, lightly style your hair so that it will easily transition into a post-workout style. I plaiting straight hair into simple braids. “You get that added bonus of the bend in your hair when you take the braids out. I often put in a loose braid while models sit in the makeup chair and take it out right before we go on set. It really works!”

Sweat Level: Medium/High (Indoor Cycling)

I would suggest a side braid, bun or simple pony for indoor cycling, don’t forget hair elastics!

These bobbles, click here, are great, you can twist them up to tighten or wrap around once for a loose pony, and due to the smooth surface and uneven texture they wont leave any marks or breakage.

Better still a length of silk ribbon around the pony is the ultimate in gentle styling.

Some “work out” hair tips.

1. You don’t have to shampoo every day. If you’re doing heavy cardio frequently, you should wash your hair two to three times a week. “Rinsing your scalp in between shampoos will help clean it.. Excess amounts of sweat can weaken the hair strand and shorten the life span of your hair. This is why it is important to lock in moisture, refrain from drying out your hair even more by over-shampooing, and use moisturizing products to keep your strands hydrated.”

2. No dry shampoo on wet hair. It creates, as Rihanna would sing, cake, cake, cake. Dry shampoo is “designed to work on dry hair,”. If you use it on wet hair, it’ll just leave behind a cakey residue resulting from the powder-and-water mix.

3. Sweat is nature’s salt spray. “Sweat and oil are two separate things! Sweat is basically like salty water so consider your workout a free application of surf spray.” Even Jennifer Aniston agrees that sweat can be a hair product. But sweat has an odour and too much of it can leave your hair lank and limp.

4. Add dry shampoo before you start working out. “Prepping your hair prior to your workouts with dry shampoos can help prepare your strands to absorb any sweat during workout,”

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