Magnesium for better sleep and less stress

This week we are gathering information from top experts in natural healing on what can aid our busy lives to manage our stress and anxiety. Below Rebecca Rivers of Rivers Remedies shares her thoughts on why Magnesium is a good remedy for stress and sleep.

Rivers Remedies is a shop in Waterloo selling all organic and British made only skincare and supplements. With over a decade of supplying the top brands to London Rebecca, the owner, shares her thoughts on Magnesium.


Two elements to good Mental Health are how the body and mind deal with stress and getting good and productive sleep. What we eat and put in our bodies massively affects these areas and one key nutrient to look at is Magnesium.

Magnesium for Stress

Humans are peculiar. While animals deal with acute physical stressors (like running to avoid being eaten) humans experience psychological stress: strong emotions linked to thoughts. Worrying can activate the stress response in anticipation of stressful events. Regardless of the stressor, you turn on the same physical stress response. Prolonged stress & anxiety can deplete nutrients such as B vitamins and Magnesium because they’re used by the adrenal glands which work hard during stress response. Unfortunately, low Bs and Magnesium are in turn associated with anxiety. In short, stress depletes our Magnesium levels and being low in Magnesium makes us less able to handle stress, which increases our depletion of Magnesium levels and so on, over again. Magnesium is important for the function of the nervous system and maintaining normal psychological function.

Magnesium and Sleep

Did you know that magnesium deficiency is associated with insomnia? Magnesium has a calming effect within the central nervous system and is a sleep regulator.  It is vital for not only getting to sleep, but for getting the right kind of sleep. Getting too little sleep is itself a stressor for the body! Magnesium is a great addition to a calming night time routine, in the form of a relaxing bedtime bath routine and a magnesium supplement before bed. It is important for the function of the nervous system and maintaining normal psychological function.

Get your Magnesium

Most of us now suffer from the combination of chronic stress and a modern diet that is seriously depleted in magnesium due to modern farming methods and heavily refined foods (particularly grains). We can all benefit from increasing our magnesium intake through diet, supplementation and topical magnesium in the form of bath salts or lotions.

Whilst there are many powerful and effective therapeutic aids for dealing with Mental Health, such as talking therapies, herbs and pharmaceuticals, mindfullness and more, if you are always suffering from a basic and vital nutritional deficiency then you will always be building your treatment on shaky foundations. Magnesium should be on your list no matter what other measures you are taking.

Note; if you are under treatment for a heart condition or a pituitary gland condition, please check with your doctor, as you may already be receiving Magnesium or you may have absorption complications.


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