Did you know – Ban Hass

Up next in our ‘Did you know’ series is our very own instructor – Ban Hass, who teaches on Tuesday evening 6:30 pm, Thursday 9:30 am and our crowd favourite Saturday 10:45 am and 11:45 am.

DID YOU KNOW – 8 Questions with Ban Hass

1. Guilty pleasure song on your playlist?

Anything by Hans Zimmer or Cyberdesign that’s ideal for a long hellish climb.

2. What got you in to Ride Republic?

Being a rider and falling in love with the ride.

3. Top fitness tip you live by?

Moving your body is a privilege. Exercise is a privilege. We are lucky.

4. If you weren’t instructing what would you be doing?


5. One thing you want your riders to come away with?

Feeling good. Feeling proud. Feeling better. Regardless of performance, stats or numbers on the board.

6. What keeps you motivated?


7. Favourite place in the world?

Any ocean. Any beach. Any sunset. I’m easily pleased.

8. Favourite thing about Ride Republic?

It’s a No-nonsense. No BS workout. You know you’re going to get a GOOD work-out. I STILL think it’s honestly the toughest class out there. Oh and the people. The riders make it.

And now you know!

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