Studio News – Easter Schedule


If you are looking forward to a day or two of indulgence and want to make use of those sugar rushes then check out our Easter schedule and get ready to BURN!

Friday 19th April

8 am – Ben, 9 am – Ben, 10 am – Rachel, 11 am – Caspar & 12 pm – Wayne

Saturday 20th April – as normal

Easter Sunday 21st April

9 am & 10 am – Rachel

Easter Monday

10 am – Wayne, 11 am – Wayne & 5 pm – Rachel

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Wednesday & Friday 6am – Due to high demand, we are bringing back our Wednesday 6 am (already on schedule) and soon coming is Friday at 6am, with the newest member of our team, Julius! Click here to read his bio.

Caspar celebrates 1 year at Ride – On April 1st we celebrated Caspar’s 1st year at Ride. We have all appreciated his energy, passion and leadership over the past year. Catch him on Tuesdays 6 am & 7 am and Sundays 5 pm. Click here to read his bio.

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