Dear Riders,

The TEAM TOP BURNER event is gaining momentum!

We have yet to set the exact date due to some other exciting studio news that we can’t announce just yet, but the earliest it will be is the end of May so you still have time to practice!

In the mean time we have secured our fabulous sponsor Market Hall Fulham for the events social for all our riders not just the teams! Market Hall Fulham will be providing nibbles and drinks from some of their top vendors and there’s even a secret viewing section behind the curtain for supporters to cheer on their favorite team!

The biggest question is: how will it work?

  1. It is a 45 minute class
  2. There is one bike linked to the BURNboard with team name
  3. 3 people on a team (1 boy, 1 girl and one your choice)
  4. Each rider will ride 15 minutes
  5. The BURNboard will be paused for 90 seconds so the next team member can adjust the saddle and get clipped in
  6. Team member waiting will have a non active bike near by to not only cheer on their team member but to warm up. The remaining team member will be waiting to hop on the warm up bike
  7. Each team member must have ridden at least 4 times this year at time of event
  8. Registration starts now so please email your team name and rider names to

Don’t have a team? E-mail Rachel, don’t be shy! We are determined to make this a fun event where riders get to know each other and enjoy a bit of healthy competition. If this goes well Market Hall Fulham and Ride are committed to bring you more fun filled community events as we both appreciate the amazing spirits that this community has to offer. So send Rachel an email and get practicing!

Market Hall Fulham

472 Fulham Road, London



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