Ride Republic has introduced its newest bespoke mat class, CORE & RESTORE, designed by Rachel Rivers who has studied exercise correction, pilates, biomechanics and has recovered from various intense sports injuries through myofascial release. However, Rachel is not the only one who knows a thing or two on this effective form of recovery, read below what Amanda Byram has to say about it. Amanda has also recovered from injuries and is an avid Ride rider, so she knows exactly how some of you feel.

–By Amanda Byram

Fascia may seem like the latest buzzword that’s hitting the fitness world, but those who are one step ahead of the fitness pack have been rolling out theirs for years.

What exactly is it? Well, fascia is the connective tissue that holds us all together. It can be found all over the body, woven like a knitted sweater around every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein. Diving deeper it can be found around our internal organs too, like the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. When you consider the vast landscape in our bodies that fascia supports and covers, paired with how much hard work and friction fascia endures on a daily basis, you will realise that paying attention to this aspect of our anatomy is extremely important for a strong, healthy body. 

The key to making your body work at its optimal level is to give the fascia an intense workout by using a set of techniques called Myofascial release. This form of exercise helps to stretch and smooth the fascia and literally ‘release’ it to ensure it creates a long, lean, pain free body.

The key being to holding the stretch for longer ultimately releasing blockages in fascia. Studies have now shown that ‘our issues live in our tissues’ and therefore the results of looking after this intricate and clever network of tissues is reflected in how we feel on an emotional and physical level helping to fix some deep-seated ailments.

You may have already witnessed myofascial release in action, and never knew what you were witnessing. Think ball and foam rolling, yin yoga and of course the Core and Restore classes with the fabulous Rachel at Ride Republic. 

Right, where’s my tennis ball?!

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