We did our first ever TOP BURNER invite only RIDE in December 2018.  We logged BURN scores during a certain period then invited the top 12 boys and top 12 girls to compete against each other, and all invitees RSVP’d immediately. The energy was so amazing, but the icing on the cake was everyone enjoyed a little social gathering as well, sponsored by Market Hall Fulham. Top Burner supporters came out and even tried to sneak in to watch the class! The event proved to not only be about healthy competition but also about building a community of like minded riders. So based on that great event, which will take place end of every year, we are now coordinating a TOP TEAM BURNER RIDE!

Before we continue with the details, RIDE wants to make sure that our message is not just about winning. What makes a top RIDER is not necessarily a top BURN score but a rider who puts their ego aside and mentally gives 100% of themselves into every class. For that reason, if this event proves popular we will coordinate more events to celebrate different levels and ages, as the number one thing we promote at RIDE is great attitudes and fitness progression!

TOP TEAM BURNER RIDE 2019- How does it work?

1- Each team member must have ridden at least 4 times from now to March 31st. This is to avoid one hit wanders coming in, as this is about community building as well as competition.

2- Your team must consist of 3 Riders, with at least one boy and one girl.

3- On April 1st registration opens up and you enter in your RIDE TEAM name and rider details.

4- If you are looking for a team member or want to be part of a team please contact us and we will assist. We will pull from the top riders first who do not have a team, so the sooner you register and seek assistance the quicker you may get that top burner team mate.

5- Only 15 teams will compete. If we have more than 15 teams register we will either take the top 15 combined BURN scores and invite them, or we may just do a semi final event (2 classes) and schedule a final event for a later date…exciting!

All details about how to register and how the event will be structured are to follow! I hope you all find this as exciting and fun as we do!


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