Los Angeles to London

The lovely Amanda Byram may be a nice lady but she also tells it how it is. Read below her honest comparisons with other spin classes from Los Angeles to London.
I’ve been quite vocal in the past about my love of Ride Republic and also about the fact that I was not always a fan of spinning. In fact the first time I ever tried a spin class I picked up my stuff halfway through and walked out the door vowing never to return to something so tough and unenjoyable again.
These days I have a recurring hip injury – a labrum tear –  which means I can no longer run or do any high impact cardio . This was a devastating revelation since cardio is so important  to me – not just to help keep my weight down and shred fat fast but also to clear my head and make the world seem a brighter place. So when Ride Republic opened 2 years ago I thought I would give it a go – and I haven’t looked back since .
Last month I hung out in Los Angeles, the hub of all things cool and inventive and I decided to test a few spin classes. LA has a plethora of  spin studios, the most famous being ‘Soul Cycle ‘ (and now it’s many impersonators). Those of you who have tried it will know that the music is insanely loud (they even hand out ear plugs) and the trainers give off a vibe that is too cool for school and über hippie hip . Not quite what I need for my training session. Classes are packed and finding your way to your bike without bruising your shins on the next bike is not fun.
I then tried a cool hipster spin class in Venice. I had been recommended this place by many locals. I tried every trainer over a period of two weeks and none of them said very much during the class at all.  In fact it summed up to be an introduction at the start, then a whole track would play without a word, a few energetic whoops and that was your lot. The result? I pined for Ride Republic;  its music, it’s energy and it’s trainers. At Ride one of the endearing and appealing factors is that the trainers think  about and plan their playlists . They time each segment to the track and to the beat, and they care what RPM you hit. All the while encouraging you to be better without making it impossible.
The trainers at Ride are vibrant, energetic, soulful and passionate. Ride Republic encompasses every aspect of every great spin class around the world, merges them together and throws a kick ass class at you that will leave you buzzing for hours . And not because you can’t hear yourself because the music was too loud!

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