Beetroot salad, whipped feta & passion fruit

Healthy recipe by our private chef Albi Ison

Beetroot salad, whipped feta & passion fruit.

Beetroot is a wonderful vegetable. A good friend of mine once described, or compared it, to someone who walks into a room and takes centre stage for being so loud! You cut into beetroot, and it just goes everywhere and stains everything!

As we go into spring, I like to work with beetroot as it’s still a root veg and quite hearty, but can be really colourful and have a summery feel; a glimmer of hope that there’s an end to the cold! It’s apparently really good for running performance too, so fits perfectly with marathon season upon us!

Grab a few whole beets. Chuck them into a roasting tray, season GENEROUSLY with salt and fresh herbs – thyme and rosemary work well. Pour in enough water so they’re sitting in about an inch of water. Cover with foil and pop in the oven for a couple of hours until they are soft enough to easily pierce.
Try to get your hands on red beetroot, golden and candied – always great to have a few different colours!

Whipped feta is the easiest thing to make in the world. Literally crumble the feta into a bowl or food processor, add half as much of yoghurt, season with salt and a squeeze of lime juice, and whip until smooth!

When the beets are cooked, allow to cool down until you can handle them. While still warm, using your hands, rub the skin off them. This should be fairly easy to do if cooked. If not, feel free to use a knife and peel the outside layer off. Maybe use some gloves if you would like to avoid staining your hands. Cut into bite size chunks.

I like to dress them in either a reduced balsamic, or a reduced grape juice. Very little for a bit of sweetness. But they are super tasty as they are – you probably could leave this out if you weren’t keen.

Using a spoon, drop a large amount of whipped feta on a plate, and smooth over evenly on the base of the plate. You’re then going to pile the beets up in a messy but pretty pile. Dress with a few more dollops of whipped feta, some picked mint, and the flesh of a passion fruit!

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