To celebrate a new year we are introducing some new mat classes. HIIT 45, CORE YOGA and YOGA 60 Candlelight. All our classes make great stand alone intense workouts however we suggest trying our cycling BURN class plus CORE YOGA or our flagship CORE 45 to the new year’s resolution.

Why not start this weekend with veteran instructor Rachel Rivers teaching HIIT 45 on Saturday 8:30 & 9:30 and Sunday at 10:30 & 11:30. Or start your Sunday morning with Fay Goodman teaching the fast paced CORE YOGA 45.  Full descriptions & schedule below:


This whole body, high intensity interval training class uses TRX’s, body weight and dumbbells to work up a big sweat. Expect a lot of CORE and upper body work to compliment your BURN classes and define your muscles. This class is off the bike and only has 8 people maximum at a time. This is a great fat burning class that will help with any weight loss or fitness training program. Please wear athletic shoes or bring grippy socks.


This high intensity 45 minute mat class focuses around core yoga poses that build a strong and stable center in addition to lengthening any tight muscles. Expect to work the entire 45 minutes and leave feeling strong and stretched. This class can be a stand alone class for any fitness program however why not try BURN & CORE YOGA back to backs! Our teachers are here to help you so don’t be afraid. No shoes required.


This 45 minute mat based class will fire up those glutes and activate that core! Not for the injured as this will get you sweating, toned and leaving with a strong powerhouse. If you want a serious workout try this class before or after our BURN cycling classes. We start every class with foam rolling to release any tight muscles so don’t be afraid of this back to back power combo! With only eight people per class, you are assured to get the personalised attention needed for maximum results. Also expect some killer tunes, although we at RIDE take exercise seriously we also add a bit of spice with music, laughter and a welcoming environment.

Starting Jan 6th (Sat)

7:00 am – HIIT 45 (Fran)
10:30 am- HIIT 45 (Fran)
6:30 pm -HIIT 45 (Rachel)
7:30 pm-CORE 45 (Rachel)
7::00 am – HIIT 45 (Fran)
10:30 am- HIIT 45 (Fran)
7:00 am – CORE Yoga (Fay)
10:30 am- CORE Yoga (Fay)
6:30 pm – HIIT 45 (Wayne)
7:30 pm – Yoga 60 Candlelight (Daisy)
7:00 am – HIIT 45 (Fran)
10:30 am- HIIT 45 (Fran)
7:00 am- CORE YOGA (Fay)
10:30 am – CORE YOGA (Fay)
8:30 am – HIIT 45 (Rachel)
9:30 an- HIIT 45 (Rachel)
10:30 am – Core 45 (Wayne)
11:30 am- Yoga 60 (Daisy)
8:30 am- CORE Yoga (Fay)
9:30 am- CORE Yoga (Fay)
10:30 am- HIIT 45 (Rachel
11:30 am- HIIT 45 (Rachel)

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