by Rachel Rivers

This is a decision that I didn’t take lightly but one I have been dying to implement for a very long time. The main reason is, I just don’t see good enough form on the bike during the arms track. The vast majority of today’s office and student population need to work on their posture, so to ask them to move their legs at high speeds while trying to concentrate on holding their spin up correctly, while following along to the instructor’s quick moving arms track, is just an unnecessary risk of doing more damage than good. And all for a below average way of working your upper body.

I also don’t believe that indoor cycling is a whole body workout like other studios claim. Everyone who cycles probably needs some sort of CORE, mobility and upper body workout OFF the bike. Leave the bicep curls and chest presses for when your legs are not spinning fast and you can fully concentrate on your form in order to avoid injuries and get the most out of that workout.

Another reason for taking away the arm track is as a PT and Pilates Instructor, I know that in order to effectively strengthen a muscle, it must work against an opposing force. In many cases, that force is your body weight moving against gravity. Push-ups while you are sitting upright is not an effective exercise. Similar to pushing a weight forward does not work the chest and pulling it back does not work the back effectively. Those movements are perpendicular to gravity, not opposing it.

Lastly, doing an ineffective three minute arm track takes away from the real reason our riders come, which is to BURN. Our classes are the most efficient low impact and biomechanically correct cardiovascular workout on a bike. There are no gimmicks such as push ups on the bike nor tap backs, which are not optimal cycling biomechanics, i.e. during tap backs your knee to pedal alignment is off therefore decreasing your ultimate BURN riding position. Now don’t get us wrong we like a bit of fun too, but we won’t compromise form. To add a little spice we have designed our studio to resemble a dark cool nightclub and use music to push you on those intervals. On top of this we also pride ourselves on the range of our riders as we invite all ages and levels but we no longer invited gimmicks and time wasting exercises.

Check out our new mat classes: HIIT 45 (a lot of CORE and Upper body) and CORE YOGA 45 (a lot of stretching and CORE), starting January 6th 2018 which will round out your whole body training. 


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