Party season is upon us! Generally this means, more alcohol, more food quantity and possibly quality, less sleep and less exercise. Many regular riders start to worry that their BURN scores will plummet after the holidays, but this is not down to taking a rest on your regular exercise routine. All professional athletes take breaks from their sport for a reason, as it allows for your tired muscles to rejuvenate and restore. Below are some tips so you can actually better your fitness while away:

  • sleep well
  • drink plenty of water
  • foam roll and stretch
  • anything to de-stress such as: massages, sauna & steam
  • limit your alcohol consumption: pick your party days and stick to those few days
  • watch your calories: pick a few cheat days and stick to them
  • limit your processed foods: try to eat clean and well
  • get plenty of vitamin C before any flights and wash your hands

If you come back having not exercised but slept well, ate well, de-stressed and managed jet lag and getting ill then you will be surprised how a little physical rest can actually help you.

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