Bike set-up: top tips by Bike-Fit

The main focus at Ride Republic is a tough workout for all levels based on exercise science where you can see progression over time. Due to this ethos our Fitness Director, Rachel Rivers, is constantly meeting with other professionals in the industry from physiotherapists, triathletes and even CBT (mindset) coaches to make sure Ride is always on point and improving their method. Rachel recently met with Daniel Boyd from Bike-Fit, a physiotherapist, a Triathlete, an Ironman competitor and of course a Ride Republic rider. Rachel questioned him on the proper way to set up indoor bikes and below were the two top tips that apply to Ride:

1. Daniel says he sees people with saddles way too high!! It’s such a basic fit – he appreciates that measuring with ‘clinical’ accuracy is not always possible – however if you are unable to properly touch the ground when sat on the saddle- its too high! The ideal knee bend angle is 35 degrees.

2. Watch out for your ‘KDC’ position, this is the position of your knee when your crank is at the ‘3’oclock’ position. If your knee is obviously over your toes when cycling in this position you are sat too far forwards – it’s the underlying cause for so many common pathologies of the knee that he sees and are so so avoidable.

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