Warming Up Before Exercise

The seasons are changing and it’s already getting chillier outside. This also means that your body temperature may be a little cooler before starting your BURN. Experts suggest wearing an extra layer of clothing that is easy to whip off when the time is right, which will expedite your warm up. Also don’t forget that rolling your legs with our myofascial sticks on the side of the bikes will also help with circulation and get your legs BURN ready quicker.


  1. Increases overall body and muscle temperatures which increase blood flow to the active muscles.
  2. Increases the body and muscle temperature which helps to increase the rate of energy production.
  3. Contraction and reflex times are improved with higher muscle temperatures.
  4. Exercising without warming up places a potentially dangerous stress on the heart. Warming up reduces the stress on the heart.
  5. Soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, muscles) injuries are less likely.
  6. There is also a psychological benefit from properly warming up (the athlete feels more ready to participate)


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