Tour de RIDE Challenge


Last year our Tour de France Challenge went down like a storm. We had three rides per week, for three weeks, where riders in these classes competed for the King of the Mountain Jersey (highest Burn in the 3 weeks), King of Speed Jersey (furthest distance travelled in 3 weeks) and Overall Winner Jersey (most improved BURN score).

The only issue was rides were limited to just three rides a week and the demand was high. So this time around we are opening this challenge up to every class from July 1 to July 22nd. No need to email us if you want to compete like last year, as will record all your scores.. At the end of the three weeks we will announce the results and give out prizes at our second RIDE REPUBLIC social event on Saturday, July 22nd. More information to come…but if you heard about the first one we did in April I am sure you don’t want to miss this party! #balance #workhardplayhard

Need some practice before the race? Then don’t forget about our unlimited monthly subscription promotion which is still on through July. For £195 a month you get unlimited rides and mat classes. It starts the day of purchase and the last day to purchase is July 31. Mat classes include an intense CORE 45 and Yoga for cyclists and runners. Both of which are perfect for in between BURN rides or why not double up?


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