What is the BURN?

What is the “BURN”?
Say What!?
The Burn Board is Ride Republic’s live fitness tracking application that we use in class that measures your total effort. You’re driving that ‘Burn’ score through speed and strength, as it’s a combination of your speed and resistance on the bike.
If You’re not Assessing You’re Guessing
Here at Ride Republic we believe in tracking your progression. Your Burn score helps you assess your performance and helps you stay accountable for your workout. Put simply – if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing. We love competitive spirit if that’s what gets you going but we want you to use the BURN to own your individual fitness goals, it’s about progression – not perfection. Use the BURN board to challenge yourself, visualise that PB you are going after during every ride. If you don’t love the spotlight remember you can ‘opt-out’ in your account settings and you will still be able to track your performance privately, whether it’s BURN or distance – set your next goal today!
What’s the Right Goal for me?
The first step is thinking about what you want to get out of the work? Set goals that are about you as an individual – Do you want to feel stronger? Are you training for a race? Are you focused on improving your long-term health?
The only way to really know if you are on the right program to meet your objectives is to track your results. It’s also a powerful motivator when you measure your hard work and see those results. Sometimes we can “plateau” and that’s okay – knowing where you are at in your journey allows you to take steps to turn it into progress. The BURN board is your personal scoreboard, your personalised motivator, all you have to do is challenge yourself, are you ready?
Wait, Does That Mean BURN Like Calories?
No, the BURN score is not how many calories you burned, it is the combination of your speed and resistance during your ride – it’s your effort score. However, we did do the math and it’s roughly 7% higher than your calorie count on our consoles. It’s not all about calories though. Don’t forget our bespoke methods during your ride means your metabolism will be set on fire resulting in an elevated fat loss state for up to 24 hours after you finish your ride, something you won’t get from lower intensity exercise.

Remember, we have our classic BURN 45 Classes & our ULTRA BURN classes for those riders who want every last minute to hit those burn scores. You can read more about our class types here.

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