Bike Calibration

Bike Calibration
We work hard maintaining the quality of our equipment so that you are always on top of your BURN. However, we hear your feedback on calibration recently and so we are making some improvements to ensure we are on our A-Game.

Our bike technician has advised that moving our bikes, which hold a lot of data, can hurt the calibrations. And so, we will be discontinuing our Cardio & Core classes effective from July 1st. We know Cardio & Core has some big fans and so we have introduced our Core 45 classes to ensure your core is covered!

Core 45
Did you know that all CORE 45 classes start with 5 minutes of foam rolling and mobility and end with a stretch? The perfect partner to your BURN class and we’ve scheduled them so you can get that core working for you pre or post BURN. Check out our schedule here & remember that our £195 unlimited membership is running until August 31st so grab yours now by signing up here


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