Amanda Byram & the BURN

There was a time in my life when I categorically hated spinning, in fact I loathed it. There was a time in my life when I used to tell the story of how I had only ever completed one and a half classes of spin; the first time I got through it and swore to never return, the second, I had forgotten how much I hated the first time, then quit halfway through. Balls out un-clicked my feet, threw in the sweaty towel and left. Oh how times have changed.

About two years ago, I walked passed Ride Republic in Fulham. I generally like to see what’s going on in the ‘hood’ and support local business. So out of curiosity, I popped my head in to see what this new cool studio was. My tongue slipped down the back of my throat, as I stuttered and tried to back away from the nice lady inviting me to come in and try a class for free. I was in too deep and before I knew it she was clicking my feet into the pedal.  I wanted to scream was “Er lady… have you not heard about that time I left a spin class half…..” But it was too late. The tunes had started to blast.

That first class at Ride Republic was a game changer for me. The music was incredible, the buzz was palpable and I felt as though I was back in my party days, except on a bike. All I needed now was some rave attire and a vodka and coke. What I got was I got a much-needed water and a very welcome cold towel, and and addiction to spin. I have tried and tested different times of the day and different instructors; each of them brilliant, each with completely different personalities, bringing something different to the table (or the saddle).

In the two years I have been going to Ride Republic, I have avoided the famous ‘burn-board’ – a projection on the wall that shows a combination of your power and speed. It’s a clever incentive for competitive folks to power harder and beat their PB, for all the class to see. As someone who who hates Personal Bests, I always choose to stay invisible and check my score online afterwards instead. And recently I noticed my persistence paid off. My score had increased from 350-520, so perhaps it’s time to brave the visible board after all.

Spinning has now become such an incredible part of my weekly regime. It is a perfect release of stress and it is my high-intensity, low-impact cardio of choice (especially helpful with a bad back). I get to choose from my favourite instructors Rachel, Ban and Caitlin to name a few (girl power!) and their awesome choices of pumping tunes. Thankfully I can hardly remember the days when I had a personal vendetta against spinning and all who rode in her. And thanks to the whole team at Ride Republic, I am officially a spinning addict.


  1. Jackie Allan

    Totally Agree,

    I f somebody had said to me ‘You will love spinning and be totally addicted to the Burnboard!’ I would have shook my head and said ‘Never in a million years’
    The Ride Republic Team along with The Burnboard, have totally transformed how I look and feel, Then they introduced Yoga (which I had never tried) Now at the age of 48 its also become my love, but that bloody Burnboard will take some beating!

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