At home fitness for the holiday season

Ride Republic Instructor and personal trainer, Laura Miles shares her tips for keeping fit at home this holiday season.
Christmas can be a tricky time to try and stick to your usual health and fitness routine; going away, having relatives to stay, gyms and studios being closed or running reduced timetables; can all result in us needing to try and find alternative ways to keep active. Walking is often underestimated as a powerful fat loss tool and is a great way of getting your body moving – so a brisk afternoon stroll is definitely one way in which to keep active over the festive period. There’s also the option of turning your walk into a run, for those who have a little more energy to burn. If you have access to a bike, cycling is another obvious choice when it comes to getting your cardio in, as is skipping – ropes are really easy to get hold of and doing 20 mins of skipping interval training can provide a pretty punchy workout. Alternatively, for a 30 minute sweaty session, you could have a go at the workout below – designed to get your heart rate high and spike your metabolism for the rest of the day, it’s easy to do with no equipment and limited space. You’ll need a timer app ideally, but that’s it!
  • 8 x large arm circles first clockwise, then repeat anticlockwise
  • 12 x squats – keep the chest up and back straight as you lower into the squat, drive up through the heels and engge glutes as you come back up
  • 12 x forward lunges on each leg (alternating sides)
  • 12 x Glute bridges (lying on back, with knees bent and feet flat on floor, bring hips up slowly into a bridge position, squeezing your glutes as you do. Try and keep some tension through glutes as your come back down, then repeat)
Perform each exercise for 40 seconds, with a 20 second rest in between – repeat the circuit 5 times with a 60 second rest between each round of the full circuit
  • High knees  – keep chest up high and core engaged as your drive the knees up and down as high and as quicky as you can
  • EITHER Squats or jumping squats – keep chest up, core engaged and land softly if you are taking the jumping option
  • Press ups – either on knees, toes or with feet elevated for an extra challenge – again, core tight, breathe in as you lower down and out as you push back up
  • EITHER walking lunges or jumping lunges – keep chest up, shoulder pulled back and down and engage your core throughout either option
  • Mountain climbers – start in a high plank position, with your shoulders and wrists in line, abdominal muscles switched on throughout; drive one knee at a time into the chest, keeping hips in line with spine
  • Burpees – perform with as much power as you can; as with all of the other exercises, engage your core throughout each part of the exercise and ENJOY…….!

You can ride with Laura at Ride Republic on Monday @ 7:00am, Wednesday @12:30pm, and Thursday @9:30am. Follow her on Instagram @lauramilespt.

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