The Six Pack Challenge. The Winner.

As our Riders know, June was dedicated to The Six Pack Challenge.  Four weeks. 16 rides. And four tailor made abdominal workouts from the Personal Trainer members of our team.  We asked all our participants to take before and after shots as well as give us a little feedback, both throughout and post challenge.

We have been overwhelmed by our riders’ fitness journeys in just 4 short weeks. After much deliberation we chose Becky Bates as our winner, not only because of her physical journey but the huge improvement to her over all health.  However, due to the amazing emails we received, we chose a couple of runners up also.

Here are some of the inspiring emails we received from our participants.

Our winner, Becky Bates.

Dear Ride Republic,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the changes I’ve experienced throughout the course of this challenge.
I definitely struggled to stick with it in week 3, but by the time week 4 rolled around, I started to see some big improvements in my burn scores and how consistently I could put up some big numbers.
Aside from the physical change that has seen me drop a dress size in 4 weeks (you may not be able to see it in the photos!), more importantly as a type 1 diabetic, spinning 4 times a week has dramatically reduced the amount of insulin I need on a daily basis. I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and so while I have been unable to do any other sports during this time, spinning remains my source of sanity because of the minimal impact it has on my dodgy joints!
I’ve always loved spinning after having discovered FlyWheel in Miami, but I’m so happy to have found Ride Republic because it’s definitely the toughest but most enjoyable workout that money can buy in London!
Thanks again and I’m already looking forward to my next class 😀🚴😀.

Runner Up, Jackie Allan:

Dear Ride Republic,

I loved the Abs-Challenge and totally embraced it!
I didn’t just stop at 16 rides I carried on and completed 18 with a burn of  over 10,000 (even I was impressed with that!)
I struggled with the Ab’s but did do it, even on school journey with 30 children.
My results…..a dress size down, seriously firmer calves and thighs, Even I can notice the slighter firmer tummy.
My strength and commimted is up 110% and finally a smile so big that I did it-
As for photographs, I will leave that to the much younger Ride Republic ladies, I know I have gave it my all and that’s is good enough for me!!
Feeling super proud that I can do it and compete with people so much younger – If I can then anybody can get up and do it…
HUGE thank you for all your on going support,  It really does mean a lot,
Jackie x

Runner Up, Amanda Brodie:

Dear Ride Republic,

The challenge was a great idea and gave me a goal which was difficult but one which would kick start my fitness regime. I had not done any cardio for two years and felt sluggish and out of shape.

I recall my introductory class on 14 May with Sophia at Ride Republic when I could barely stand afterwards; I looked like Alice Cooper as my mascara had ran all over my face. I can still barely stand after class (and I no longer wear mascara to class)but have watched my burn number steadily increase and definitely feel as though I have shaped up.

I am a complete convert now and am very grateful to Ride Republic for motivating me to get fit.

With kind regards and thanks


If you feel inspired, look out for similar challenges in the upcoming months!


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