Upload Your Workout Onto Social Sports Networks

Did you know you can sync your Ant+ devices with our bikes?  As you know, all your performance data is already read by our bike consoles and recorded on your account.  However, if you have a fitness watch you can sync your workout with that device and later upload it to Strava, Training Peaks or any other social sports network.

Here’s how:

Ask our Front of House team for the ID number of the bike you are on.  Each bike has a five digit number that you will need to know in order to connect.  For example: Bike 16’s number is 60706.  You are not searching for the number 16 when syncing to that bike.

Connect your watch to that bike number and press start.  From there on in, your watch will record your power data throughout the workout.  Unfortunately speed and distance are not recordable but your power measure is probably the best indication of the intensity of workout.

If you also wear a heart rate monitor that syncs with your watch you are able to record your heart rate zones throughout the class and upload those too.

Easy peasy!  We’ve seen you competing on The Burnboard, now let’s see what happens out there on the social sports networks…




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