The Tour De France Challenge. Starts Now.

Have you ever wanted to train like a pro?  Is it time you switched up your routine and took on a new challenge?  Could you do with increasing your fitness levels through changing your training?  If the answer to any of these is yes then we HIGHLY advise that you take part in The Tour De France Challenge.

This July we are transforming three of our signature Burn45 classes into various stages of the Tour De France.  We’re talking the hills, the flats, the mountains and the time trials.  As much as possible the stages will reflect the real time stages of the Tour.

Our Tour de France Challenge will involve taking part in three rides, per week, for three weeks.  You’ll find these classes on the timetable at the fixed times of:

Monday, 7.30pm.
Tuesday, 7.30pm.
Thursday, 7am.

Any challenge throws up an element of competition, right?  Exactly.  So how do we track your progress, what are the prizes and how to do you win them?

All results will be measured through your online account data.  So, for example a hill stage will be measured through your burn number.  A flatter stage / speed and endurance class will be measured through distance travelled.

There will be 3 sought after jerseys in the same matching colours as those worn in the real race:

King of the Mountain. Highest Burn in the 3 weeks. Spotty jersey

King of Speed. Furthest Distance travelled in 3 weeks. Green jersey.

Overall Winner. Most improved overall results. Yellow jersey.

Win one of these and show everyone who’s boss by sporting it in class after the challenge.  Everyone knows a winner when they see one.

REMEMBER, you’ve got to be in it to win it.  If you are taking part please make sure you email so that we can track your results.

Race you to the top Riders…




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