How Spinal Health Effects Athletic Performance

How much do you think about your spine on a daily basis?  Probably very little right?  It’s the same for most of us, so when Dr Craig McLean and Dr Luke Brady of Chiro.London gave us a lesson in spinal health we were fascinated to hear how a healthy spine can affect you both externally and internally, as well as having a big impact on your sporting performance.  We asked Dr Craig McLean to share a few words about how chiropractic can help performance, particularly cycling.

I love Ride Republic and it is a fab place to train and prepare your body for any cycling event you have coming up or just to beat the unhealthy challenges of London.

What’s unique about me is I’m also a sponsored amateur bike racer for London team Nuun Sigma Sport. I get what it takes to perform well week in week out and I don’t get how you can do it without the help of a chiropractor. Our FB page is

Last year I broke my collar bone racing on the London Olympic Velodrome so understand chiropractic is sometimes about injury and recovery, I certainly wouldn’t have come back as fast or as strong without help from my chosen chiro.

Other times it’s about performance – Chiro.London regularly sponsor and adjust the other athletes in the Nuun Sigma Sport team. Check out this great testimonial video, with team footage from our training camp, about how one rider initially came for back pain, but now attends regularly for performance.

As cyclists we understand that low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, referred pain into the hands/wrists are commonplace. However they don’t need to be. We understand the demands cycling places on your body and have treatment and strategies to be able to help you ride more comfortably.

Of course, it’s not just about back pain, it’s about allowing your body to;

  • perform well while riding – optimal bike positioning and flexibility and optimal nerve function to allow the muscles to be at their most powerful,
  • balance – leg length issues, tightness of the hip flexors or low back – all lead to uneven power being generated
  • recover well after riding/training – pelvic twisting puts uneven tension in the leg muscles making your body tense and tight before you even start riding let along once you’ve finished 4 hours in the saddle and attempt to recover for work the next day.
We check your health history, and perform an examination to include assessment of general flexibility, neurological function, spinal alignment including any leg length discrepancy or hidden spinal wear and tear both, which may affect you position while riding a bike. We’ll then start a bespoke program of specific chiropractic adjustments to help unlock any blockages in your spine, hips or knees to help you regain comfort, enjoyment or improved performance while cycling.

Anyone wanting an initial assessment at our Fulham branch, we’ll offer you a 50% discount off your first visit if you mention Ride Republic.
Dr Craig McLean, together with Dr Luke Brady we are the founders of a group chiropractic practices in SW London.

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