Hemsley & Hemsley on how to stay healthy for summer.

In the wake of their new book, Good + Simple and Channel 4 TV series, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the gorgeous Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley give us their 5 top tips for a healthy summer.   Take it away ladies…

1.       Smoothies – They’re a great way to get your greens in and are the perfect breakfast or snack, pack them in a stainless steel canteen and sip on the go.

2.      Pep-up – Our invigorating Pep-Up Tea (from The Art Of Eating Well) is a tasty way to cut back on caffeine and it’s a 3-for-1 deal…Great served warm, chilled (perfect in the heat) or as a cocktail, spiked with a little vodka!

3.      Power-up – Our Power Up Salad Jar (from Good + Simple) is a customisable recipe that makes the most of leftovers. Start with the dressing and pile up the rest of your ingredients, seal the jar and when you’re ready to eat, just then tip onto a plate.

4.       Keep hydrated – If you struggle with drinking enough water, spruce it up with fresh fruit and herbs. We love a combination of mint and ginger or orange slices and rosemary. A jar of this pimped-up water also makes a great centrepiece at dinner parties.

5.      Spiralize – A fun, creative and tasty way to enjoy more raw and cooked vegetables is to make crunchy, colourful rainbow salads and noodle dishes. Experiment with carrot, beetroot, cucumber and even apples as well as the trusty courgette.

And there you have it.  The secret to their glowing skin and glossy hair.  We’re committing right now!

You can catch the girls in the next episode of Eating Well on Channel 4 on Friday at 730pm, or catch up here on All4.


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