Amanda Byram’s Healthy Festival Survival Tips

How hard is it to stay healthy at festivals?  It’s all food vans with Annie’s Mac and Cheese, massive burgers, and of course plastic pint after plastic pint of beer and cider.  And don’t get us wrong, we’re ok with that, and most of the time it’s what you need when you’re underslept and knee deep in mud.  But lets just say you did want to, at least start off, trying to remain healthy we’ve asked the gorgeous Amanda Byram for her healthy survival kits when hitting the festival scene.

Amanda gives us three healthy snack ideas and 2 skin essentials to line your backpack.

3 healthy snacks :

* I always carry nuts with me wherever I go! Un-roasted and unsalted of course (especially as you can get quite dehydrated at a festival!). Having said that, you might be craving a little extra flavour after a long night of boozing and if so then look for roasted over salted for hydration purposes.

* I love Plenish+ new probiotic waters which are great for your gut (always good to keep that healthy when your only bathrooms are portaloos!!).  But they also keep you super hydrated and keep your skin fresh and glowing.

* I love to mix up goji’s and mulberries and cacao nibs and pop them in a ziplock bag.  These are so handy for a sweet treat. Also theres a mild amount of caffeine in cacao so they nibs keep your energy levels up! Cacao is also great for boosting serotonin levels – the happy hormone – so is perfect for boogying into the night:)

2 skin essentials:

* keeping hydrated is key at festivals, so always pop a water spray in your bag. REN skincare’s Flash Defence anti-pollution mist is perfect way to protect your skin from environmental pollution. And lord knows theres enough of that at festivals!

*Hand sanitiser. How could I NOT mention this? Obviously a great way to keep germs from ruining your weekend, however I am not a fan of the typical ones with loads of chemicals. My go-to is Dr Bronner’s organic lavender sanitising spray.  It smells delish and it’s not full of alcohol (lets face it, you’re probably having enough of that already without rubbing it into your skin).

Happy Festival Season! Enjoy the mud!

Also check out Amanda’s website to get in fighting festival shape with her awesome home body blasts.

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