Equi London now in studio. The antidote to modern living.

We are super excited to announce that we are now selling Equi London, two pure, powerful and effective supplements specifically aimed at urban dwellers with hectic lives.  We all know how hard it is to try and balance, work, health AND a social life and this is precisely why Alice Mackintosh and Rosie Speight came together to create a natural support mechanism.  We immediately connected with the Equi Philosophy here at Ride Republic, hence we were eager to get the product on our shelves.  Alice and Rosie tell us a little more below:

At Equi London we understand that staying healthy isn’t always compatible with the fun, fast pace of 21st century living.  If you don’t give your body everything it needs to keep up, you can be left flagging. Many of us accept the niggling symptoms of this as the norm – in fact they are hints that the body is in need of extra support.

Equi London knows that to look and feel your best, you have to support the whole body. Like a machine, if one part of you is out of sync then the rest of you is affected which can have far-reaching consequences on your everyday wellbeing.  Our busy lives mean it isn’t always realistic to consume the required nutrients through diet alone and the body needs more than just vitamins in synthetic forms to maintain good health – it requires a diverse range of nutritional compounds from easily absorbable food sources that keep the body working in complete synergy.

Our products work like no other. Just as we all look unique on the outside, none of us are the same on the inside and different problems can manifest in each of us.  Whether you feel lethargic, can’t concentrate, have skin problems, poor sleep or suffer with bloating, frequent colds or excruciating hangovers, our products work instinctively with each of our physiological requirements to fine tune underlying imbalances, getting you to the top of your game and keeping you there.

Using traditional theory and pioneering science, Equi London products are comprehensive formulations that spark the body back to life. With everything you need in one supplement, you can trust that you’re getting the perfect balance of nutrition so that when time is short, you don’t have to make compromises or miss out on any of the fun.

To learn more about he girls themselves visit the Equi website here.


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