What a week! Our birthday week round up.

We’ve been excited for weeks on end about the dawning of our first birthday and the week we had didn’t disappoint!  It began with discovering that our king and queen of the bikes had taken part in nearly 250 rides between them.  Pretty impressive in just 365 days.  We then encountered an unexpected surprise in the form of the boys from Huracane FC turning up and booking out our Tuesday night ride.  Rocking up in their bright red team kit – including wooly footballs socks which must have been hell to ride in – the boys set the studio alight both visually and in spirit.  However, there’s more to this team than meets the eye….check out the charitable work they do here. 

We then began working towards our actual celebration, kicking off on Friday night with our most popular themed ride of 2015,  David Guetta vs Calvin Harris.  The dream team when it comes to spinning music I’m sure you’ll all agree.  With a dream team blasting through the speakers we needed to secure a dream team on the bikes, and this is where our Friday night residents Caitlin and Venetia stepped in.  With massive beats (which ran on a little longer than expected, exhausting our riders with a 55 minute class) and vodka  spiked cucumber in the cafe, the evening went down a treat and filled us with birthday vibes before the big day.

Saturday, a day of themed rides and fun in the studio.  Themes ranged from ‘Queen Bey vs Queen Rhi’ to ‘Dance Anthems vs Planet Pop’ to ‘UK vs the World’ and more.  The atmosphere both on and off the bikes was amazing. The rides were booked out, riders were mingling with mimosas and cupcakes post class…and a few were even sneaking a cheeky bucks fizz into their water bottles pre ride.  We also had visits from our awesome protein suppliers Neat Nutrition and Equi London with whom who we are soon to start working.  gives us more pleasure than seeing you guys, the people who made this whole journey possible, chilling out in our cafe zone and soaking up the atmosphere that we work so hard to bring you.  It’s not just about the workout at Ride Republic, it’s about wellbeing as a whole.  A place you can sweat it out and then kick back with your friends, have a drink and leave feeling greater, both physically and mentally.

As well as the rides, we had a mini competition in the form of a 30 second bike sprint with awesome prizes from Sweaty Betty and Beyond Health.  Many were too exhausted after class to take part but some gave it their all whilst receiving encouraging words from those drinking mimosas.

We genuinely had the most fun day at the studio and we truly hope you loved the vibes as much as we did.

We bought the week to a close with a fantastic charity event on Sunday for The Dallaglio Foundation.  Riding over 1900km, from San Sebastian to Ibiza in June, we had 20 riders hit the studio saddles for a hardcore training session with Rachel.  Can you imagine the competition on the burn board in a scenario like this? It was immense and everyone emerged motivated, endorphin pumped and suitably exhausted.  Luckily for the riders, and thanks to the wonderful Oppo Ice Cream, we had delicious, guilt free ice cream to restore their energy levels.   In an email from organiser Annie Metcalfe she says:

“Thank you so much for the fantastic afternoon my team had with you today. The one to one service they all received, the water, the cooling towels, the motivational leader and the beautiful ice creams on departure. I can’t explain to you what an amazing afternoon it was. Not only did we raise some money for children that haven’t been as privileged as i have in life, but I also opened the eyes on my guys to a new way of training AND THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Don’t get me wrong, it killed them – but everyone came out absolutely flying and really fired up to try it again soon.”
To end our birthday weekend with this feedback makes everything we strive to achieve completely worth it.  Thank you to you all for getting us this far, for empowering us with your motivation and hard work, and for helping us every day with your feedback and praise.  We could never have got here without you and here’s to many more birthdays to come.

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