The Difference Between Good and Great? It’s all in your blood…

Previously it was only professional athletes who could afford to use blood testing to improve physical performance but more recently Blood Analysis has taken the United States by storm and it’s now becoming available on this side of the pond.

So what is Blood Analysis?

Blood analysis is a simple and powerful way to get data critical to anyone interested in improving athletic and personal performance. With blood testing, you open a window inside your body to see your actual biochemical status.

Hugh Coyne, from Coyne Medical tells us in a little more detail.

Do you want to perform at your best? Advanced Blood Analysis Can Make the Difference.

Both in sports and in the workplace the difference between success and failure can be minute. Maximising our performance by optimising our lifestyles and training can make that difference. Previously, unless you were an elite athlete access to advanced blood analytics was limited. Now, with advances in technology we are at an epoch of human health and performance. In the US, for a number of years several clinics have been using blood analysis to give people the kind of detailed blood analysis that was previously out of reach.

Advanced blood analysis measures specific hormones, nutrients and metabolic markers to give people a deep understanding of their health and fitness.

Organ Function: Blood testing can provide a simple way to check the functioning of your body’s major systems including liver and kidney function, red and white blood cell production and iron and thyroid metabolism. Knowing the concentration of our red cells can give us an indicator of our blood’s oxygen carrying capacity, a factor that many athletes have tried to illegally manipulate over the years.

Performance Hormones: Our hormones have widespread effects on our bodies and are crucial to performance. Having adequate testosterone levels, for both men and women, is crucial to building muscle, having good libido, maintaining energy levels and recovering from exercise. Levels of cortisol can be assessed to check how our body is responding to stress while DHEA, a pre-curser of testosterone, gives additional indication of adrenal function.

Metabolism: The hormones involved in our metabolic pathways are essential for maintaining weight and reducing fatigue. HbA1c can reveal the early indication of Metabolic Syndrome. Reverse T3 can reveal a thyroid problem in people who are struggling with fatigue and low energy that traditional thyroid testing has missed.

Nutrients: Checking for vitamins and minerals, the essential building blocks of our cells, omega 3 and 6, and total anti-oxidant stress to our cells can give invaluable information that we a getting our nutrition absolutely right.

Athletes have long known the importance of having their blood parameters exactly right. Legendary Irish cyclist Mick Murphy even used to fill up his bidon with cows’ blood between stages! Now the Athlete Biological Passport is used to stop athletes from doping. But researchers also noticed another use. The same level of detailed analysis could be used by doctors to help people go from ‘normal’ to ‘optimal’ and reach the goal of truly personalised medicine.

Advanced blood analysis can empower you to take control of your health and fitness. Elite athletes already use advanced blood analysis to optimise their workouts and prevent overtraining. The comprehensive picture of your health derived from a simple blood sample allows you to optimise your lifestyle and ensure that you can reach your potential.

Coyne Medical now offer a service on Advanced Blood Analysis. They offer a few different packages tailored to different needs including those looking to optimise their performance.  To book visit the Coyne Medical website.  Mention Ride Republic to receive 10% off.

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