Eight weeks until summer. We need Amanda Byram’s top motivational tips!!

TERRIFYINGLY it is just 8 weeks until Summer.  Are you feeling beach ready?  If the answer to this is no, like most of us, now is the time to start.  They say it takes 4 week for you to notice your body changing and 8 weeks for everyone else to…so you see, we better get started!
Despite just having returned from some beautiful holiday beaches, Amanda Byram is still looking perfectly beach ready, so here she tells us her top motivational tips…
“Motivation”. One of the prime suspects in the case against being active! Lacking motivation that is. So many people say to me “Oh, but you just LOVE exercise”. And that is not necessarily always true! I definitely have my hump days. Days where I feel as though I would rather the world just leave me alone. Days where I feel bloated and overweight, or lazy and tired. Days where I would rather just fall under the covers and stay there all day. All week. Perhaps all year! Everyone who works out knows that there will be times when you just don’t feel like exercising. It doesn’t matter how pumped you are, how long you have been working out, or how much you love being in the gym or lifting your body weight in iron.. the fact is, that we all have challenging days. As much as I am an advocate of taking time off if your body needs rest, sometimes your mind plays tricks on you, and makes you think it is not capable. But the opposite is true. It is on these days that changes start to happen.

From years of experience I know that the days when you do not want to train, are often the days when you will see more results if you push yourself. There is a saying that goes: ‘Champions are made on the off-days’. We can all be great at the gym when we are in the mood and motivated, but if you can get yourself to the gym on those off-days, then you are on the road to becoming a true champion! So remember that next time and see those challenging days as an opportunity to be better!

Here are some tips to help you through;

Do what you love:

Try to focus on the good bits, the bits you enjoy. Once training is finished, you feel a hundred times better. So rather than consistently moan that you hate the gym, classes, running, cycling etc, find peace with it and find a routine that works for you. Focus on the exercises you like, not on the ones you don’t like. I recently stopped being so hard on myself for not liking yoga. I accepted it and moved on to things I love to do instead!

Slow and Steady wins the race:

What you choose to do on your unmotivated days can make the difference between staying in shape or starting a downward spiral that will take a toll on your fitness level. When you are tired or don’t feel like working out, the thought of doing a hardcore workout can be so off-putting that it becomes almost impossible. Slow warmups often help you to get motivated. If you start by stretching at home, and then maybe getting out into the garden, or walk slowly around the block getting some fresh air, you start to think, “actually, I am up now.. I might as well keep going”. Just as importantly, if you don’t feel like working out and choose a lighter workout, don’t beat yourself up about it! Know that you are listening to your body, and equally when your body knows it is ready for more, you will go for it on that day. If you know you are committing to a light workout then you will enjoy it more.

Sing it sista

Finding music that gets your heart pumping will always motivate you. Personally I have weird gym music taste. I like slower music, sometimes movie soundtracks to films like Braveheart! Whatever gets you moving, listen to it!! It makes more of a difference than you know!

Gang up

Sometimes training with a friend or a group of friends can be really motivational. Choose a class that your friends go to which you have always wanted to try. Be part of the gang, and find the motivation come from watching others. Two is better than one sometimes!

I always remember the story Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke about, where he showed up to train at the gym and he stood outside on the deck of the gym. The sun broke through the clouds and he lost motivation to train. All he wanted to do was go to the beach. Then, he turned around and took a look at who was in the gym. He saw his competition in the gym, blasting away with heavy weights, sweating, pushing themselves and training like mad men. His attitude and thoughts for taking the day off and going to the beach were quickly erased. His body didn’t change. His MIND and ATTITUDE changed.  The mind makes ALL the difference. So, perhaps getting to the gym and taking a walk around, seeing everyone else working out would be motivation enough to get stuck in. Or flick through some sports magazines, check out how many strong fit women are there, and aspire to their strength. After all ” I feel rubbish after that workout”…. said no-one EVER!


  1. Jackie

    I totally agree with the comment ‘but you love excercise!’
    I also have had people say that to me, and yes I do…but sometimes I need seriously motivation to get going!
    (These are the times that at the start of excercise I am hating every minute, but by the end I am pleased I dug in and found that motivation to get myself into gear!)

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