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Six days to go. If you’re not a seasoned marathon veteran your nerves must be beginning to jangle right?   Well never fear, with decades of experience between them, the crew at Beyond Health know exactly how to to set up you up in the final week, as well as offering the best ways to wind down afterwards.  Joseph Lawrence, Managing Director and Chartered Physiotherapist, gives us his ultimate pre and post marathon tips.

Congratulations, the hard work is done and the fun part is to come! This week is for final tapering, recovery and race preparation. Read on for Beyond Health’s pre and post marathon tips. Please call if you would like to discuss in more detail.

Pre marathon

It is impossible to add to your fitness now. Trying to catch up any lost training and long runs this week will be detrimental to your performance. You should let your muscles repair and restore their glycogen stores (important for muscle contraction).
If you are going to run, you should only be doing a couple of 4-6miles runs and very little from 3 days before the race. People like to use these sessions to keep their legs fresh/conditioned while focussing on technique.
Mobility and stability exercises (which you should have been doing already) are really valuable this week. These will be part of your pre-race warm up routine and present a good opportunity to mentally focus on your race plan. Positive attitudes and confidence are very important this week! Marathon are as much a challenge for the mind as they are for the body!
You will have tried some nutrition and hydration options during your long runs and should have settled on the your race day plan. Fill the tank with the right fuel, keep it topped up as your body requires and drink regularly. Even a small amount of dehydration can effect your performance significantly! Contact our dietician if you need professional advice on this.
A sports massage with one of our sports massage therapists would help your recovery. Make sure you do this before Thursday as deep tissue massage can take a couple of days to settle.

Post marathon

Keep moving!! Optimal recovery includes a hot/cold contrast bath after the event and a swim and/or light bike session the following day. If this isn’t possible then just keep moving gently. If pain lasts more then 3 days it could be injured tissue in which case contact Beyond Health for an accurate diagnosis and injury management plan to sort you out ASAP.

The team at Beyond Health LOVE running (along with any sport and exercise for that matter). Our runBeyond service uses the most current science and our combined decades of experience to help reduce injury incidence and improve your performance. So, if you’ve really got the running bug come and see us to help maximise your ability.

Check out the ways in which Beyond Health can help with recovery and anything running related here.

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