3 Reasons from our MD Katie on WHY you should book our Bikes & Bikram offer

Managing Director Katie O’Connor gives us 3 reasons why she LOVES hot yoga and why both cycle and bikram work so well together.
  1. Serious burn: did you know you can burn roughly the same level of calories in a bikram yoga class as you do during your spin class? By holding and contracting your muscles in the heated room during yoga, you work your heart, and build cardio fitness and strength on the mat. Bring on the Burn!
  2. Detox body & mind: You thought you worked up a sweat on the bike…just wait until you try hot yoga. You’ll sweat out those toxins like never before – detoxing your muscles, organs, and glands. Much like indoor cycling, it also takes a great deal of mental strength to hold the postures and focus on your breath in the heat, so you leave the room with a clear, calm mind as well.
  3. Stretch: the heat helps you safely improve your flexibility, helping to heal old injuries and prevent new ones. A perfect way to stretch out those hip flexors, hamstrings, and quadriceps after your time on the bike.

So sign up here to our April offer for improving both mind and body.

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