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This week, we’ve got some great top tips from one of our favourite riders, Lucy Ingram. She’s a well-travelled globe trotter so she’s given us her lowdown on staying healthy whilst travelling – whether it be for business or pleasure.

Lucy is English, though she sounds Aussie, was born in Spain, moved to Bali and then went to boarding school in Western Australia. She has now lived in London for two years. In between all that she’s travelled around much of North and Central America, Cuba, New Zealand, Morocco, most of Europe and ticked most off most of Asia too.  We feel she’s well prepped for this one so here goes…

“I love travelling and I am lucky enough to go away a fair bit. However, I find that I can get very carried away and adopt the ‘I’m on holiday’ attitude and over indulge. To prevent me from doing this, I follow these simple steps to make sure I stay on track –

Plan ahead – Always prepare healthy snacks for your flight, train ride or road trip so you don’t get tempted to buy something else. I always take a portion size packet of raw nuts, fruit that travels well such as a banana, an apple or a punnet of berries, a Quest protein bar and even some dark raw chocolate – I love Ombars chocolate range. Beef jerky is also a good option but make sure it is natural and doesn’t contain any sugar! I will also eat a hearty breaky, lunch or dinner before the trip too. I tend to make a high protein, high fat meal prior to leaving as I know I will be satisfied and it will keep me full for a longer period of time!

Hydrate – If you are flying, drink as much water as you can before your flight, spike your drink bottle with lemons, cucumber, mint or ginger to make the water more interesting which will encourage you to drink more. Once you have gone through security go and buy a big bottle of water or two to have with you. Limit the amount of caffeine and alcohol you drink whilst travelling to prevent dehydration.

Freshen up – I like to pack a small toiletry bag with hand sanitiser, tissues, lip balm, face wipes, moisturiser and argan oil to keep my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Even brushing my teeth on long haul flights helps me feel revitalised!

Be active – Fit in exercise where you can. I always try and squeeze in a run or gym session before my flight. If I am flying early and can’t make it to the gym then I will get up and stretch for 15 minutes to get my blood flowing. Be active whilst flying, get up and move around every hour – go for a walk up and down the aisles and stretch where possible. Once at your destination rent a bike or walk everywhere to take in the sights – even if it’s a business trip, find the time! I love keeping active whilst I’m away and especially trying out new gyms and studios. It’s such a good time to mix up your fitness regime and try something new, the more exercise I do whilst away the less guilty I feel by indulging on the local delicacies!

Research – I like to book Airbnbs over hotels so I can cook my own breakfast and prepare meals, I like to start my day with a large veggie omelette with a side of avocado. Not only will you know what is going in your food but it is also a great way to save money. I will also do a fair bit of research to see if there are any health food cafes or stores in the area so I can stock up on healthy treats whilst away! As mentioned before, do some research for gyms and fitness studios in the area. Challenge yourself and try something new like boxing, pilates or yoga. You never know – you may just fall in love with it!

Having said that, we look forward to our holidays for weeks and even months, so be flexible and don’t stress about it too much! If you have a big meal one night, have a light lunch the next day! Enjoy your holiday, don’t be hard on yourself and live with no regrets!”

Lucy Ingram
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