How do you burn off yours?

We all know that iconic Cream Egg advert – how do you eat yours?  So once you’ve eaten it, what’s the quickest way to burn it off?  Each cream egg contains 180 calories.  We asked Personal Trainers Ban Hass and Venetia Cowie and Cycle protege Caitlin Smyth to advise us.

Ban Hass takes us through the ideal weights based workout:

Using the same Barbell for each exercise perform the following back to back.  Ban suggests 5 rounds of the entire circuit to burn that chocolatey goodness

Perform 15 reps of each exercise.

1: Straight leg deadlift

2: Bent over row

3: Upright row

4: Squat to shoulder press

5: Back squat (barbell on your back)

6: jump squats.

Venetia Cowie takes a more plyometric approach with this high intensity circuit.  Venetia suggests 4 rounds of the following.

1: 20 burpees

2: 20 hopscotch jump squats (jump your legs out into a squat and back in together in a closed leg squat)

3: 5 shuttle 25m shuttle sprints

4: 15 press up

5: 15 snap jumps – start in a high plank (hands under shoulders), jump your knees in and back out, a little like the bottom half of a burpee.  This burns stomach fat to reveal those toned abs underneath.

Caitlin Smyth takes us through a bike based workout to burn that 180.  She suggests 25 mins of high intensity, endurance based sprints.

This interval workout requires 2 mins on, 3 mins off.  So push as hard as you can for 2 minutes, pedal at resting pace for 3 minutes, then begin again.  The 2 on, 3 off method is actually used by pro cyclists as the most efficient time ratio for intense interval training.

Set the bike between gears 8-12.  Push at 120 (or as close as you can get) for that 2 minute work phase.  Chose your own pace for 3 minutes rest.  Begin again and repeat for 20 minutes.

So there you have it!  And even if you haven’t eaten that naughty cream egg these workouts are pretty good to give a go anyway.  Enjoy…as much as you can…


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