You can do it put your HIPS into it

Beyondhealth are leaders in physiotherapy and collaborative musculoskeletal health located in the heart of Parsons Green, just around the corner from the studio.

These gurus are passionate about health & fitness and the performance of good quality, regular exercise and they are huge supporters of Ride Republic. Below are some of their expert tips on how to prevent injuries and improve performance on the bike… it’s all about the hips!

1. Before your ride, work on improving your hip mobility with some dynamic exercises to ‘open’ your hips. This prepares you for the ride by helping to centre the hip joint and improve the muscle balance around it. All the sitting we do (even on a bike!) can cause troublesome muscle imbalance.

2. During the ride, focus on using your glutes to maximum effect. Subtly drop your heel at the top of the stroke (the 12 o’clock phase) and drive from here by squeezing your glute muscle. If your glutes are working hard and your cadence is high you should feel a subtle lift from your seat. Your gluts are where all the real power comes from!

3. After your ride conduct a dynamic hip warm down routine. Your hip flexors have been held in a shortened position during your ride and this needs to be corrected before you continue with your “up-right” daily activities. This is especially important for the runners of the Ride Republic community!

4. Take the time to get your bike set-up perfectly for YOU. This is essential to improve performance and minimise muscle imbalance, joint load and injury. Never feel awkward about asking one of the Ride Republic team to check your bike setup – that’s what they’re there for!

5. And last but not least… Ride hard!!


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