Valentine’s Rides: Wrap up

Everyone hates Valentine’s day right? If you’re single you’re made to feel crappy for being alone, if you’re in a relationship the pressure to be the best couple around just ends up in a fight.

So on Thursday night we decided to launch a new ride; the Anti-Valentines Singles Ride, taken by dynamic duo Ben and Venetia. 14 boys, 14 girls, 45 minutes riding hardcore and dirty, followed by showers (not communal obvs), and wine tasting in the cafe with our favourite sommelier, Albi Ison. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again;

Endorphins x Wine = Good Times.

The endorphins give you a higher level of confidence and then the wine knocks down any remaining barriers. Basically there are no awkward silences, no boys on one side, girls on the other. Everyone just gets stuck in, the conversation flows and romance blossoms (or if not romance, then definitely some intense flirtations). Albi also helps the situation immensely by giving everyone a little run down on the wines they are drinking and thus aids with a talking point to get those conversations off to a flying start.

All in all the evening was an almighty success and ended with us having to force people out of door past 11 o’clock. We love a good singles ride here at Ride Republic and the Anti-Valentines ride is here to stay. Stay single for next year peeps. It’s totally worth it!

Friday night saw Rachel and Venetia take on our first couples ride. Not so much an anti-Valentine’s Ride, as an alternative to your average Valentine’s activity. A chance to get hot and sweaty outside of the bedroom this Valentine’s, if you will. This ride was all about the Power Couple.

The couple who earned the highest burn score won a free ride each. The Beyonce and Jay-Z of the spinning world. As if the Burnboard doesn’t push you enough this takes you just that little bit further. It’s all about competition on top of competition, but instead of being out there on your own you’re working with your partner. I suppose that could instigate a few arguments if you weren’t at roughly the same level, but luckily for us in this instance this wasn’t the case and no partners were beaten with a massage stick roller for being below par. Congrats to Anthony and Emily who were crowned King and Queen of the Burnboard at our first couples ride.


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