Top Tip: Lemon Water

A cup or warm lemon water every day, is a simple addition to your morning routine – but it can really set you up for your day.

One of the the most important factors in this drink is the temperature you serve it at. Warm water, first thing in the morning can help kick start the body into action, helping to flush the digestive system and begin to rehydrate the body, whilst also boosting your metabolism.

Lemon contains Vitamin C – not a huge amount but enough to give your immune system a nice little boost.

Lemon water can also help to improve your skin – whilst it’s vital to your skin to be hydrated, the Vitamin C can also help in collagen production which is the most abundant protein chain in humans.

Researchers in Germany have found that drinking enough water increases metabolism – which can aid the body in efficiently burning off excess weight. So adding lemon water to your morning routine may not be a miracle solution – but it can be a small step to a healthier lifestyle – try it and see if you feel the difference.



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