Nature vs. Nurture

Our instructor and mum of (soon to be) four, Alex gives us her take on maintaining your body during and after pregnancy and how no matter how much DNA drives child development, a healthy lifestyle is key.

For the mums out there and for those thinking about it..let me put your mind at rest, life just gets better and bodies are amazing at bouncing back…if you look after them!
Most pregnant women fear the risk of excessive weight gain and loosing their figure never to be the same again.
How you respond to pregnancy and after your baby is born is different for everyone and there is no right way. Hormones, tiredness and sickness can cause us to make wrong food choices and and neglect our normal fitness routine.
From experience I know how this feels, having two boys and now pregnant with twins, many lifestyle adjustments have been made but they are “just adjustments…”. Unless you are under medical supervision and unable to exercise there is no reason not to keep going!
What you do in your pregnancy really does matter not only for you and how quickly you bounce back, but for your baby.
The importance of nature v nurture whilst in the womb
Poor nutrition can affect fetal development as well as child development. Before your foetus is born it depends totally on the mother to receive nutrition through the placenta.
Moderate exercise keeps fresh blood flowing through the placenta, and you and the baby get the feel good endorphin hit!
So to maximise whatever is ingrained in the DNA of your children, you need to stay healthy, stay positive and stay active, reaping the rewards and not being too hard on yourself. After all, healthy Mum = healthy Baby!

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