Leonardo DiCaprio – how he keeps LA fit

The Revenant star Leonardo DiCaprio is now one of the most iconic celebrities in the world. Nominated for a boatload of awards throughout his career, an Oscar has eluded him but perhaps his latest film might fix that this week.

He’s seen as one of the most dedicated actors in Hollywood and his variety of roles have meant he’s had to be committed to transforming his body to suit each film.

While he fished around for his role in Inception, Leonardo was supposed to gain six pack abs and strip off around a dozen kilos to look fit for the commanding role. As soon as his was confirmed for the role, he immediately got to work and stuck so closely to his new regime, that he hit his target long before he showed up on a set.


Leonardo guzzles solely on organic foods where he can, with a diet widely made up of red and white meats, green veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. He balances his diet out with a blend of lean protein, carbs, and healthy fats. His eating timetable is little and often, consuming several small meals in a day – this constant low-level loading keeps his body agile and eliminates any sluggishness from eating too much.


Leonardo swears by his personal trainer, Gregory Joujon Roche. As a general rule, he will workout with him six days per week for ninety minutes at a time. Gregory doesn’t rely solely on high intensity exercises, instead he has him doing all kinds of workouts which are targeted to burn fats from various parts of his body. This includes strength training, interval training, cardio work, yoga and some martial arts to give a solid all round fitness level which can then be tailored and weighted to suit any specific roles which are coming up.

You can watch the Oscars live to see if Leo prevails on Sky Movies Oscar, this Sunday (ceremony start time is around 1.30am Monday though).


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