Got a newborn? Time for the new you

Beyondhealth are leaders in physiotherapy and collaborative musculoskeletal health located in the heart of Parsons Green, just around the corner from the studio. They are passionate about health & fitness and the performance of good quality, regular exercise. As mothers themselveshusbands of mothers and mothers-to-be they are also passionate about helping new mothers return to doing the things they love (and getting their pre-baby bodies back!) as safely and quickly as possible.

Post having a baby, returning to exercise can be a daunting thing... and getting on a bike again (for obvious reasons) even scarier!

Cycling (unlike running) is one form of exercise that you can return to relatively quickly after having your baby. And a (Ride Republic) spin class makes a great post baby work out for a number of reasons:

  • It’s low impact so there is no torsion and sheer force through your pelvis and lumbar spine which are often compromised during pregnancy.
  • You have the ability to control the intensity of your ride.
  • With good quality instructors your upper back posture can be considered and improved while riding, this is another area that gets compromised post-partum, especially with breast feeding and lifting young babies.

That being said we encourage all new-mums to attend a post natal MOT with our Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist Clare Pacey, before they return to exercise of any form. Your body has been through a lot of change during pregnancy and child birth. Most women will have weakness in their abdominals and pelvic floor. This can result in back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness and reduced sexual awareness. Once your baby is born you may have also developed abnormal muscle patterns to cope with the challenges of being a new mother. It is important not to rush back to the wrong exercise too soon as this could cause harm. Following a thorough assessment we will be able to advise you on safe post-natal exercises that are tailored to your specific needs.

We recommend the post-natal MOT from 6 weeks following delivery and beyond. By this time any healing will have occurred so we will be able to assess the abdominals and pelvic floor completely and you will likely be in a better place to start to focus on yourself! If the rectus abdominis muscles are still parted at 8 weeks post natal and the tummy has a ‘dome’ like appearance they are likely to remain this way without intervention/correct rehabilitation. We can help! 

The Beyondhealth post natal ‘MOT’ involves:

Review of your prior medical history and personal goals which could range from confidence in your pelvic floor, returning safely back to the exercise you love, getting your pre-baby tummy back (or one that is even better than before!) as quickly as possible or, getting ready for another baby.

Use of real-time ultrasound to assist learning of how to engage/recruit your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles correctly – to prevent you causing further damage and to help you reach your goals more quickly!

Use of real-time ultrasound and vaginal examination as clinically indicated and functional tests to investigate in detail the impact of pregnancy and labour on your abdominals, pelvic floor and pelvic stability muscles.

Depending on your results and goals, advice will be given as to whether any specific treatment is required (this could include manual therapy techniques, acupuncture and specific exercises) and we will formulate a progressive ‘return to exercise’ plan.

The Women’s Health Services at Beyondhealth are highly confidential and our Physiotherapists respect and guarantee patient confidentiality and privacy at all times. 


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