To drink or not to drink?

To drink or not to drink? That is the question. We give you expert opinion from two of our instructors and our resident wine expert on having a tipple or two:

Adam – Ride Republic Instructor

I almost don’t drink alcohol at all. Why? Well why do I have to?
I have tried all kinds of alcohol. The quality was always there as I know many alcohol experts who try to convince me to drink it. And you know what? I just don’t like it.
Whenever I go out I just drink water. Simple as that.
When you ask me what do I prefer for a chilled evening (if I have one…), I always say : ‘give me a nice cold, cookie and cream protein shake”.
I used to drink more but now I see much better fitness results without it. I have more energy, I feel better and my fitness performance has improved a lot. Also I lost a lot of inches around my waist just through cutting it from my lifestyle. Many people don’t realise how many calories they get with all different types of alcohol.
You should focus on enjoying your life, that’s why I never ask anyone to stop drinking a glass of a good wine if they are happy with their bodies, fitness and energy levels. But if you want to rock the pool parties with a great physique, then there is no room for it 🙂 ”

Albi Wine sommelier

Life is full of choices isn’t it? I went through a stage in my life where I didn’t drink for many years, for many reasons.

But if you do choose to drink, perhaps I can make you think a little more about ‘what’ you’re drinking. Although it sometimes happens to all of us, drinking just to get pissed is never my intention! What brought me back to drinking alcohol was learning a little more about the ‘art’ involved in the wine making process. Wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, Champagne, vodka, gin… crafting these to create a certain taste is quite a skill. I drink because I enjoy the taste and appreciate all that it takes to make wine.

I’m a little bit of a wine geek, and love wine that’s been made with skill, passion, time, and with an incredible love and appreciation for the terroir and fruit. Natural, biodynamic and most organic wines are my favourite! They’re so different to many conventional wines, or ‘cheap’ wines on the market. Different in the way they contain less sulphites, less chemicals, are better for your body, and certainly better for the hangover which you may not even experience! Not to mention, they are actually really tasty, delicious wines, made in small batches, by craftsmen & passionate farmers. I’d rather not drink, than drink crap!

I’m not a cider drinker, but if I were, I can guarantee you I’d be looking for a craft cider made at a local, small brewery by someone who actually has a palate. And I’d be running a mile from the supermarket value brand 2litre plastic bottle of cider in aisle 1, with a screw cap, on sale for £2. Get what I’m saying?

Choose what you put in your body – as you would food.
Think about where it comes from, how it’s made, and ultimately how it tastes. Do you actually like it?
Quality over quantity is the new black people!
Enjoy it, share it, and drink responsibly bitches!
And then work it off and sweat it out on the bikes at RR! x

Venetia – Ride Republic Instructor

“I do drink alcohol. I always have (well, excluding childhood obviously).  Furthermore I’ve only ever had one dry January and when I drank again in February, I got so drunk I was extremely ill.  This was because my tolerance was so low – for that reason I have never had a dry January since.

I realise I’m beginning to sound like a bit of an old soak, but actually I’m not. I just enjoy a good glass of wine with my friends over a nice meal.   At university, and during my first few years in London, I suppose I drank quite a lot, as many people do in their early 20s, but sadly as time has gone on, and particularly since hitting the big 3-0 I simply cannot drink as much anymore.  Also, since becoming a PT and Fitness Instructor 5 years ago my healthy lifestyle means that when I do drink I get drunk a lot quicker than I used to.

The fitter you are, the faster your metabolism, thus the quicker the alcohol hits your bloodstream and the drunker you get. This, combined with age, combined with that fact that I eat a pretty clean diet, means that my hangovers these days are utterly hideous.  However, this isn’t going to stop me going for a good glass of wine, or a few cocktails with my friends.  These days I drink to socialise and to enjoy the taste of a delicious wine or a banging margarita.   I just think more about WHAT i drink.

My budget for a supermarket bottle of wine is now a tenner instead of a fiver.  I’d rather go to a good wine bar than nail a nasty bottle of the cheap stuff from Be at One.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a tea totaller because frankly I like a drink, but I’m definitely a moderate drinker.  I’m of the opinion that nothing is too bad for you in moderation. As long as you’re good 80% of the time then you thoroughly deserve that large glass of wine on a Friday night.  I’m also a firm believer that a couple of glasses isn’t going to hurt your waistline too much. Neither is the occasional blow out. It’s good for your stress levels to let your hair down once in a while.  It’s when it turns into a couple of bottles every weekend that it’s going to make that difference to the old wine gut…”

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