Class Start Times – policy reminder

You may be aware that our arrival policy states that riders need to be at the studio 5 minutes for the class start time. We’ve been a little lax on this policy over recent months because we hate to turn anyone away from our rides. However, when riders join late, it can delay class start times, impact the experience of other riders, and potentially lead to injuries. For these reasons, we now need to start sticking to our policy.

From Monday 25th January, as soon as a class starts, the Front of House team will be unable to allow entry to any latecomers. This means that all riders need to be at the studio and checked-in to the class 5 minutes before the class start time. If you arrive less than 5 minutes before class is scheduled to start, you risk losing your seat to a waitlist rider and not being able to join the class.

We don’t want anyone to be disappointed and not able to ride, so if you tend to be on the late side… please make sure to give yourself some extra time, so you can arrive nice and early to all your classes.


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