Top Tip: Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays: Part 1

“It’s the time of year when our diaries are filled with festive lunches, dinners, and drinks. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or attending, time is limited. But you can still rev up your metabolism with this quick, 20 minute, no equipment interval workout you can fit in any time.

The exercises are done in pairs (30 seconds each) for rounds of 3, resting only after each round. So 30 seconds 1A followed by 30 seconds of 1B, then rest for 30 seconds before completing that sequence two more times.

Next up is 2A then 2B – and so on. Here’s your schedule to greatness;

1A) Jumping jacks 1B) Lateral jumps
2A) Wide leg squat jumps 2B)Plank to push up
3A) Mountain climbers 3B)High knees
4A) Burpees 4B) Reverse crunch

Just make sure you warm up in the beginning and cool down & stretch at the end:

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