Top Tip: Green goodness smoothie

Sophia serves up a smoothie packed full of goodness to try and keep our bodies fully functional through the winter months;

“My lovely friend Patti made this for me before we hit up the gym when I visited her last week in South Africa. It tastes delicious and is packed with nutrients to keep you going!

Green goodness smoothie

1/2 cucumber
1 stalk celery
A few handfuls of spinach, kale (or both!)
1 scoop of protein powder (my favourite is Sun Warrior Chocolate)
1 scoop superfood green powder
Fruit of your choice (Patti threw in a bit of grapefruit; berries also work really well)

Throw all the ingredients into a blender with some cold water or milk of your choice, depending on desired thickness. Serve it up in a nice tall glass and enjoy!”



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