Top Tip: Yolk or no yolk?

“No yolk? You’re yoking!

Egg yolks actually contain all the healthy, fatty acids that are contained within the egg. It is a source of nutritional goodness, NOT a cholesterol filled demon which many reports have claimed it to be.

Yes, when compared to other foods, egg yolks may have higher levels of cholesterol, but the real problem is with saturated fats and trans fats. When you strip away the egg yolk and eat only the white, you’re completely missing out on the benefits of healthy fatty acids, such as Omega-3. Whole eggs also contain many B vitamins and nutrients — B6, B12, riboflavin, folate, and choline — all believed to help prevent heart disease.

Just think about how you’re serving them up – frying your eggs in saturated-fat-laden butter and serving them with saturated-fat-laden bacon is not the best option for your health! Instead, try heating up a bit of coconut oil on a skillet when scrambling or making an omelette. In a hurry? Coat a mug with coconut or olive oil, break the eggs and whisk. Place the mug in the microwave for a few minutes (check to make sure the eggs are cooked through) and you have a quick breakfast when you’re on the go!”


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