Good fats vs. bad fats

This week’s Top Tip comes from Sophia and helps you to pick your side in the “Battle of the Fats”.

How can you tell ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ fat?

“Saturated fat increases your chances of high cholesterol, blocked arteries and can lead to weight gain. These fats are usually solid at room temperature (e.g. butter, cheese or solid animal fat).

Unsaturated fat increases HDL level (the good cholesterol). These fats are naturally found in liquid form, such as olive oil, and in the oils in many nuts and seeds.

Make sure you also look out for the super bad “trans-fats” – these are found in junk food and anything battered. These artificial fats are chemically modified to add taste to shelf items. Look out for anything with ‘partially hydrogenated oils’ in the ingredient list and avoid!”


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