Ride Report: Your experience of Ride Republic

Ride Report is our new series which features your stories about your experience at Ride Republic.

This week’s Ride Report comes from Mark (“MARKMC” on the Burnboard), CEO of an oil company, 57.

“At the grand old age of 57, I had never even considered indoor cycling as a form of regular exercise, it did not seem my sort of thing at all. Then my son-in-law, Jonny, started working at Ride Republic and my daughter (disastersofathirtysomething) started attending the classes. Within a few months I have been completely won over by indoor cycling, and by Ride Republic in particular.

Indoor cycling is a really great way of developing cardiovascular fitness. I used to be a middle distance runner in my youth and was used to doing some intense training sessions. The constantly varying intensity in the Ride Republic classes, moving between aerobic and anaerobic exercise many times in 45 mins, is designed to build fitness.

It is also the most efficient way of burning calories that I have found. After my first 20 sessions at Ride Republic I had lost a stone in weight. Last year I had to schedule in some very long bike rides through the summer to achieve a similar effect so that I could fit into my suit for the wedding of the aforementioned daughter and son-in-law.

During a 45 minute class, muscles quickly warm-up and stay nice and warm until the stretching exercises at the end of the class. As a result, I feel no muscle stiffness at all following a session. This is so different to the effects of a 45 minute run or even a normal cycle ride which is more stop-start, especially in London.

The high cadence of the sprint sections where RPM varies between 90 and 140 is a real boon to agility. I am now moving around a tennis court far more freely than just a few months ago and the weekly 5-a-side football game that Jonny and I play in has become far more enjoyable for me.

Decades of running, football and tennis have taken their toll on my knees and hips. Regular cycling can be helpful but the effects of indoor cycling have been beyond all my expectations. With a smooth transition through the gears and continuous movement there is no jarring on the knees. As a result, my joints feel far better than they have done for years.

For anyone looking for a form of exercise which not only has present benefits but also long-term wellbeing, I cannot recommend indoor cycling highly enough. Of course, there is no better place to try it than at Ride Republic.”

If you’d like to submit a Ride Report and be featured too, drop Jonny an email at jonny@riderepublic.co.uk

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