Top Tip: EPOC – the human afterburn effect

This week’s Top Tip from Caitlin, is an insight into how intensive workouts can continue after the cool down:

“Ever heard me say on certain high intensity tracks that you will keep burning more energy post class? Well here’s the science of that;

EPOC – Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption

EPOC, otherwise known as ‘afterburn‘, is the increased rate of oxygen your body consumes after strenuous exercise. High intensity work forces the body to replenish its oxygen stores and remove the lactic acid in your muscles in the hours after you work out. For anything between 8 – 24 hours after a high intensity session, your body can be burning calories at a higher rate while it goes through this process of replenishing.

So next time you’re thinking about skimming off that maximum think about this, your workout can take you into the next day if you hit your limits!”


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