Top Tip: 3 reasons why our indoor classes, benefit your outdoor training

This week, Caitlin runs us through her three reasons why our indoor classes can benefit your outdoor training:

1. Monitoring: the Schwinn bikes we use have some of the most accurate cadence monitors out there. Being indoors eliminates the environmental factors that can affect your work on the bike, therefore giving you a more accurate reading of threshold and top paces/heart rate

2. Speedwork: The stability of an indoor bike means you can push at a higher RPM to build your top speed sitting down outdoors or work to increase power working at a high RPM standing. You couldn’t do this outdoors, but why limit yourself on a static bike? Push the limits to increase your VO2 max, cardio fitness and leg endurance outdoors.

3. No interruptions: With indoor training there are no curve balls – if you’re sprinting for 60 seconds there are no cars, pedestrians, or other cyclists to stop that flow. Less coasting and interruptions means more focus on the work” –Caitlin

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